CKF: Board of Directors

Sean Kelley-PortraitSEAN P. KELLEY

Sean P. Kelley, is an 8th Degree Black Belt-Associate Master of the Arts in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate; he is the Head Instructor and Owner of Sean Kelley’s VIP Training Systems located in West Palm Beach, Florida and the President of the Chinese Karate Federation (CKF).

Master Kelley previously owned and operated The Kelley Karate Center, which he established in 1985. It provided quality Martial Arts instruction for both children and adults. In addition, Sean Kelley and his staff have proved to be a major educational force in the community through numerous programs at local pre-schools, elementary schools, local colleges, and recreation centers. The purpose of Sean Kelley’s programs has always been to foster self-confidence, encourage self-discipline, discourage violence, and increase personal safety.

Training History

Sean Kelley began his martial arts training in Moo Duk Kwan in 1975 under Francisco Conde, earning his Black Belt in 1983. However, when he met Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker in 1978, Mr. Kelley developed an appreciation and respect for the Art of American Kenpo. When he moved to Florida in 1983, Sean Kelley began serious training in Mr. Parker’s Art, opening his own Kenpo school in 1985. During this time, he organized and hosted seminars featuring instructors such as Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Jeff Speakman and Billy Blanks. Presently, Mr. Kelley trains under 10th Degree Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick.

Since 1994 Sean Kelley has been promoting the Annual Florida Kenpo Camp, a three-day event hosting seminars and training held at Kelley Karate Center. Guest Instructors have included such outstanding Kenpoists as: Michael Robert Pick, Richard ‘Huk’ Planas, Frank Trejo, Tom Kelly, Gil Hibben, Lee Wedlake, David Hebler, David Stanley, Larry Tatum and Rich Hale. Also to add to the arena of teaching staff Kickboxing Legends Joe Lewis and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace have been regulars at the Florida Kenpo Camp making this event a International Location for people to attend from such place as Ireland, Germany, Canada, Alaska, Venezuala, Argentina, Chile and through out the United States.

The CKF has enjoyed a new concept of becoming a place for many to find advanced training from the Academic level of American Kenpo to the Combative application side of the Art as presented by Senior Teaching Black Belt Michael Robert Pick, the leading advisor for the growing “Alliance” that has included members from AKI, UKF, CKF,BKKU and many smaller groups who are in need of Counsel as well as role models for their search in learning progressive training.


rainer_schulte_portraitCKF Vice President  & Master Rainer Schulte received his first degree Black Belt from Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker in 1972.  He received his 6th Degree from Mr. Parker in 1989, several months before Mr. Parker’s passing.  When Mr. Schulte learned of his Master’s death, he vowed never to put another stripe on his belt.  He kept this vow until February 2005, when he accepted his 7th Degree at the CKF Florida Seminar at Kelley Karate Center. Mr. Schulte was promoted to 8th Degree in 2007 by GM Michael Robert Pick. In 2014 with the endorsement of GM Michael Robert Pick, Rainier Schulte was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt, Master of the Arts.

Rainer Schulte was born and raised in Germany, and moved to the United States and began studying Kenpo at the age of 25.  In 1970, the U. S. State Department asked Mr. Schulte to accept a job at the U. S. Consulate in Germany.  When Mr. Parker heard the news, he gave Mr. Schulte the special assignment of introducing American Kenpo Karate to Europe.  Soon after, Mr. Schulte opened a Kenpo Club near Dusseldorf, and went on to establish a branch of the International Kenpo Karate Association in Europe.  Due in large measure to Mr. Schulte’s determined and persistent efforts, American Kenpo eventually became a major Martial Arts force in Germany, Jersey, England, Ireland, Holland and Spain.  Mr. Schulte and his wife presently reside in Florida. Mr. Schulte was the first in a continuing series of biographies of Kenpo Legends in Michael Miller’s “Legends of Kenpo” book series. To order the book go to


“In the year 2000, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a Kenpoist I am proud to call my friend. That man is Sean Kelley. In the years since I met him, I have observed Sean Kelley as a martial artist, as a leader, and as President of the CKF. I can honestly say that with Sean Kelley, Kenpo is still the Kenpo it was when Mr. Parker was alive. With so many new Black Belts, and new input, there has always been the danger of too much change in the spirit of Mr. Parker’s art.”

“Sean Kelley has preserved Mr. Parker’s vision both for those coming newly into the system as well as for the “old timers” like myself who remember training with Mr. Parker. Sean Kelley runs the CKF as an organization open to all with the goal of practicing Kenpo the way Mr. Parker had intended. Sean’s skill, dedication and networking have succeeded in bringing together First Generation students of Ed Parker who haven’t shared a mat in 30 years as well as students just beginning their Kenpo journey. After 41 years in Kenpo, most of it spent with the IKKA, I am proud to be part of the CKF.”


Bill WallaceWhen the amazing Bill Wallace retired in 1980, he ended an astounding 15-year career in tournament and full contact fighting as the undefeated Professional Karate Association (PKA) Middleweight Champion.   Known simply as ‘Superfoot’ to much of the karate world, Mr. Wallace’s left leg has been clocked in excess of 60 mph.  What many don’t realize is that Mr. Wallace developed his awesome left-footed kick, and the ability to use his foot as others use their hands, after a Judo injury left him unable to use his right leg in competition.  Mr. Wallace’s abilities are so extraordinary that BLACK BELT Magazine named him to their Hall of Fame three times in seven years–twice as Competitor of the Year and once as Man of the Year.  A former member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Mr. Wallace is a respected author and contributor to the film industry.