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Here is a link to check out Mr. Kelley’s biography featured on which is a site dedicated to the martial arts put together by Dana Stamos of Martial Arts Enterprises. Check out the site for info on several different martial arts topics, to find a martial arts studio, or to check out the biographies of many martial artists. We in the CKF applaud Dana’s efforts in putting together a great resourceful site for martial artists.

2016 Sean Kelley Seminars

Below are the current seminar location listings where Master Kelley will be teaching in 2016 :


March 12th

VIP Training with Master Sean Kelley

Lancaster, PA – Hosted by Scott Johnson, email:



April 2nd

The 8th Annual Dragon Festival Camp : Sean Kelley, Mike Pick & Terry Rich

Fayetteville, NC – Hosted by Mr. Terry Rich

Contact info : Master Terry Rich (910) 305-8980

April 1oth

Sean Kelley’s DNA seminar series in West Palm Beach, Florida

For more information on this event, contact : Sean Kelley  (561) 373-5617


May 20-21st

Michael Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo hosting Master Sean Kelley

Bradford, PA

Contact info : Mr. Michael Miller : (814) 368-3725 or


May 28th

VIP Training with Master Sean Kelley

Lancaster, PA – Hosted by Scott Johnson, email:



June 4th

Associate Master Sean Kelley

Hosted by Advanced TKD & Mr. Blake Bannister

Contact email :

Lantana, Florida


June 12th

Sean Kelley’s DNA seminar series in West Palm Beach, Florida

For more information on this event, contact : Sean Kelley  (561) 373-5617


July 16th

VIP Training with Master Sean Kelley

Lancaster, PA – Hosted by Scott Johnson, email:

July 29th & 30th

Associate Master Sean Kelley

Hosted by Champion Karate & Assoc. Professor Mike Friedman

Lake Mary, FL

email :



August 6th

VIP Training with Master Sean Kelley

Hosted by William Fletcher

Biloxi, MS

Contact : (228) 238-7086

August 19th & 20th

Long Beach International Martial Con

Hosted by : Steve Cooper

Long Beach, CA

Contact :


September 16th & 17th

Michael Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo hosting Master Sean Kelley

Bradford, PA

Contact info : Mr. Michael Miller : (814) 368-3725 or


September 25th

Sean Kelley’s DNA seminar series in West Palm Beach, Florida

For more information on this event, contact : Sean Kelley  (561) 373-5617


October 14th-16th

9th Annual Seminar CKF South America

With Associate Master Sean Kelley & Guest Instructor TBA

Hosted by Senior Professor Roberto Vidal

Santiago, Chile

Contact :

October 21st-22nd

VIP Training with Master Sean Kelley

Lancaster, PA – Hosted by Scott Johnson, email:


December 4th

Sean Kelley’s DNA seminar series in West Palm Beach, Florida

For more information on this event, call :  (561) 373-5617


Sean Kelley

Stomp the Bullying co-founders play a role in new book – Predator Proof Your Child

Stomp the Bullying co-founders Sean Kelley and Michael Miller played a major role in the new book Predator Proof Your Child written by experienced Florida based author Cynthia MacGregor who has written over 100 books. The book teaches parents all they need to know to protect their children from the predators that lurk in the world. It provides much-needed information and guidelines to help keep your children safe. It exploresthe faces of today’s predators and their strategies. It also includes online safety, basic self-defense, and how to talk withyour child frankly about the real dangers that exist. Predator Proof Your Child: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Kids is an essential guide for any parent who wants to understand current dangers and how to educate, warn, and protect her child.

Miller was interviewed for the book in which he provided valuable information about predator prevention, how predators groom their victims, personal boundaries, the warning signs of a predator, as well as realistic self-defense strategies and tactics to deter a predator from following through, giving potential victims the few seconds they need to escape. Miller was quoted in the book on a few occasions with the important information he provided.

Kelley, along with his daughter Tori and black belt student Jeff Benko, are pictured in the book teaching basic self-defense techniques that children could easily learn and execute. Kelley is an internationally sought out self-defense expert who holds a 7th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate and has been a part of the Guardian Angels for over 25 years. Miller is a student of Kelley’s and holds a 5th degree
black belt in American Kenpo Karate.

Kelley and Miller co-founded the “Stomp the Bullying” program two years ago, which is a free 90 day program offered through credible martial arts schools for children ages 7-15 where they learn the value of community service, how to be a good citizen, leadership training, self-defense, and bully education as well as bully prevention and how to deal with bullying behavior. It includes an in-depth manual that covers everything taught in the program including: how not to be a bully, what bullying really entails, the warning signs of both a bully and someone being bullied, the risk factors, how not to be a target of a bully, common myths about bullying, statistics, the three T-Steps to verbal harassment, the rules of engagement in dealing with bullies and what you can do as citizens to “Stomp the Bullying.” Aside from that, self-defense movements, strategies and tactics are also taught in the program, as well as awareness skills, verbal Judo, and physical restraint moves to control and negotiate.

Once a child graduates the program he/she will become a Junior Angel and will a part of community service projects. The “Stomp the Bullying” program is offered through the Guardian Angels through certified “Stomp the Bullying” martial arts schools. The program has been endorsed by actors Martin Kove (Sensei John Kreese in the Karate Kid Series) and Sean Kanan (Karate’s Bad Boy Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III), as well as actor and martial arts icon Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Alcee Hastings of the House of Representatives.



If you would like to order Predator Proof Your Child, click the link below.  It’s available only on Kindle at this point.



Guardian Angels Host East Coast Conference

The Guardian Angels had an East Coast Conference on May 19-20, 2012, in Easton, Pa, which was put together by Pennsylvania Regional Directors Scott Koppenhofer and Jason Weston. The conference was a great success with many different speakers, instructors and chapters in
attendance.  Guardian Angel members shared education about recruitment, communication, rules and policies of the organization, protocols, and more. Koppenhofer and Weston spoke about the new Pa training certifications for level 1 – 3 that were developed.

“Rocky” Pratt spoke about recruiting and gave a couple scenarios where many of us role played the proper and improper ways to recruit. Rocky has been a Guardian Angel since 1980 and he provided a lot of education about the history of the Angels and what it was like early on.  Rocky was a wealth of knowledge and provided some valuable information.

Michael Miller conducted a two hour power point presentation about the stomp the bullying program created by him and Sean Kelley.  The presentation went well as Miller spoke about the importance of the program, what it consisted of, and some of the most important concepts covered in the program such as the three T-steps, the rules of engagement, common myths, statistics, verbal judo, risk factors, how not to
be a bully, and self-defense training.  He explained that the key difference between this program and most other anti-bullying programs is that they actually take an active approach. Most other programs teach you what to do, but they don’t teach you how to do it. This program not only teaches you what to do, but also teaches you how to do it while empowering you by increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem to be
able to implement everything once you learn how to do it.

Miller answered some questions that some of the Angels had and Kelley spoke about how they were turning the stomp the bullying program
into a certification program where martial arts instructors who have their own schools could become certified in the program to start implementing it in their schools.  They explained that the stomp the bullying program is an entity of its own, but it is also a part of the
Guardian Angels. Once a child graduates the 3 month program he or she will become a Junior Angel and will be a part of community service projects.

Kelley taught some self-defense which included some parries, some strikes, and weapon disarms.  Three of Kelley’s black belts Kevin Kuliga, Bill Larson and Miller all assisted him.  Kuliga also taught for a little while. He taught a stick class utilizing five angles of attack and defense.  Miller taught a self-defense seminar covering some body manipulations through joint control and restraint principles and techniques.  He taught them how to do a specific hammer lock from four different angles and positions and covered a “what-if” right into a head and neck control.  The seminar was well received.

The conference was covered by channel 69 news, which you can watch the segment by clicking on the link below. Awards were given out to
certain individuals and Kelley received the “Chuck Beach” Award, which is a big honor.  It was a touching delivery from Weston how he explained the Chuck Beach award as Beach was Koppenhofer’s first martial arts instructor who died in his thirties from skin cancer. Rob Matthews received the Angel of the year award and the Easton chapter received chapter of the year. Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa came and did a speech.

Also during the conference a 15 minute anti-bullying video was shown given to Kelley by actor Martin Kove who played Sensei John Kreese in
the Karate Kid series. Kove is a huge advocate against bullying and has taken an interest in the stomp the bullying program and is giving Miller and Kelley his support. The event also had on hand a few of the Talking Jar’s created by Jeanne Dexter for display.  The bully jar was well received by all.

The Spartan Training Gear created by Marc Joseph was introduced to the Angels during this conference as well.  A Guardian Angel whose street name is “Snake” put on the equipment and took a few beatings during a couple of the self-defense seminars.  The equipment works extremely well for what it was designed for.  The conference went extremely well.



Karate Success Story

As a martial arts instructor, one of the greatest benefits you get out of teaching is watching your students grow and blossom into focused, confident individuals who are no longer afraid to look people in the eyes, to answer questions at school, to stand up to bullies, and much more, which produces healthy and happy people who become successful in life and good citizens.  It’s even more rewarding when parents come to you thanking you profusely for the great things you’ve done for their child and that they can see the amazing positive changes in their child.

Mr. Kelley received this e-mail from one of his student’s parents:

Hi Mr. Kelley,

I wanted to write to say thank you for all you have done to help us with Aaron. I will never forget how insecure, quiet and afraid Aaron was when we first started your classes. He would hardly speak and when he did it was always with hesitation and doubt. Aaron’s learning problems in school had made him a target with bullies, it was something he had dealt with since the first day of pre school. Even though he was bigger then the other kids his self esteem was so low that he felt he could do nothing about it except put up with the constant taunting and picking from the other kids. As a parent it is devastating to watch your child go through such a horrible thing.  We would talk to Aaron to help him understand why kids bully but with such low self-esteem he could not grasp that there was something wrong with the bully, he felt it was because there was something wrong with him.

We made the decision to put Aaron in karate to learn self defense so he could stand up for himself should a bully ever get physical. What we never imagined is that he would learn so much more then self defense. You and your team have helped us to build Aaron’s self esteem and self confidence to where he feels that he is worthy of all good things and that he is perfectly made just the way he is. The Stomp the Bullying program has made Aaron feel like he is a part of something. He no longer feels alone and he now knows that bullying is something he does not have to put up with any longer. Because of the adults that rallied around his father and I to support Aaron by lifting him up and showing him that he is important and his feelings matter he is a new kid. He is strong and can protect himself, not just by using the karate skills he has learned but also by using the reasoning skills the bullying education you taught him as well.

Thank you so much for your compassion, your tireless efforts and unconditional love you have for all the kids…. and their families. We could not have done it without God, you and the rest of your team.


Stephanie Smith-D’Andrea

Director of Outreach Services

New Beginnings Recovery Center

561-906-4507 Cell

877-338-6988 Office

It’s a New Year – TCB

We are excited for 2012 and looking forward to many great things this year.  We kick the year off with our annual Florida camp which is being held Friday, February 10 – Sunday, February 12.  The theme of the camp is Kenpo Academics vs. Kenpo Combatives – stages of engagement.  This is a camp you are not going to want to miss as Senior Teaching Black Belt Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick takes the drivers seat once again, along with Senior Professor Sean P. Kelley.  Aside from these great instructors, we have three of our black belts taking the stage to each teach a class:  Mike Miller, Mike Friedman, and Bill Larson.  You are in for a weekend of knowledge, skill, and camaraderie.  We also have special guests Rainer Schulte and Master Jorn Brandt who will be making his first appearance at the camp.    

 Aside from the camp, Mr. Kelley will be holding a 50th birthday seminar on Saturday, May 12 at Sean Kelley’s VIP Training Center, with special guest Tom Bleecker attending to conduct a book signing for his upcoming book The International Journey.  Bleecker will also be attending Mr. Kelley’s seminar in September at Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo in Bradford, Pa where Bleecker will be a special guest instructor teaching two adult classes and will also conduct a book signing. 

 Also in May Mr. Kelley along with student Mike Miller will be attending the annual East Coast Guardian Angels gathering in Easton, Pa, where they will be conducting a presentation for the “Stomp the Bullying” program and will be teaching a seminar on weapon disarms.

 Miller has a few book projects in the works this year as well, starting with the second Legends of Kenpo biographies.  The first one Rainer Schulte was published in February 2009 and the second one Sean P. Kelley is set for February 2013.  Aside from that project Miller is working on a book titled Stomp the Bullying as well as a martial arts book of articles Miller has written over the years. 

 If you are getting Mr. Kelley into your studio for a seminar this year, be sure to work out the details with him and e-mail Miller at to let him know of the dates so that he can mark you in.

Guardian Angels Hold First "Stomp the Bullying" Graduation


The Guardian Angels held their first graduation of their new program, “Stomp the Bullying” on Friday, September 16, 2011 in Bradford, Pa. The program was created by Guardian Angels, Sean P. Kelley and Michael Miller. Kelley came up with the concept to take an active approach to the bullying epidemic our society is facing, and Miller designed the program manual and was the first person to run the 3 month program leading to the first graduation.

Twelve students ranging from ages 7-15 became the first graduates of the program after twelve one – hour sessions at Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo, and became Junior Angels. “Stomp the Bullying” is an educational course that creates Junior Angels and it focuses on five key elements: the Guardian Angels (Junior Angels); leadership; community service; bullying; and verbal, mental, and physical self-defense. Each session includes an education portion – like a school setting, which focuses on one or more of the five key elements, and a physical portion, where the students work on the physical self-defense.

The primary focus of the program is bullying, however, where the students learn how not to become a bully, the different forms of bullying (physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber), the risk factors, common myths, statistics, how to avoid becoming a target, how to recognize the signs of bullying, the 3 t-steps to verbal harassment, the rules of engagement, and what to do if you see somebody getting bullied.

Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo is the East Coast Headquarters for the program and Miller is in charge of teaching other Guardian Angel members how to implement the program. Aside from Miller, Kelley was present for the graduation as well as Pennsylvania Regional Directors Scott Koppenhofer and Jason Weston, both based out of Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

“Stomp the Bullying graduation was a huge success and had a great turn out considering the small population of Bradford, Pa,” Koppenhofer explained. “This goes to show bullying is a concern in all size communities. I have a personal interest in this program considering I was a victim of bullying from middle school through high school. The military, martial arts and the Guardian Angels empowered me not to be a victim anymore.”

The program is now currently being implemented in Pottstown, Pa through Pottstown Shotokan Karate/Crossfit under the direction of Rob Mathews, the Guardian Angels chapter leader in Pottstown. He is the second person to run the program and graduation will be on Sunday, December 11, 2011.

 The program has been well accepted and is gaining a lot of interest. Miller has already been contacted by two schools to come in and speak about bullying and the program “Stomp the Bullying.” Since bullying is at an all time high, this program is the perfect community service program for any community.

“It comes as an honor for me to see leadership being exampled by someone like Michael Miller and his staff that have stepped u and become role models as Guardian Angel volunteers in seeing the first graduation of the ‘Stomp the Bullying’ program become a reality to the global crisis of bullying,” Kelley explained. “The program has set such a profound impact with our tag team efforts that it is now being considered a module program for other Guardian Angel chapters to utilize. We feel confident that between the efforts of myself, Michael Miller and other Guardian Angel leaders across the world, this will begin to make a huge impact in areas that have been effected by such tragedies due to bullying and its serious effects.”

It can still be seen on the news quite often, where a child either commits suicide, or goes on school shooting sprees due to unending torment that he goes through at school. Children bully all the time. In some instances the child cries out, but nobody listens. In other instances the child keeps it to himself until it is too late. As Guardian Angels we hear those cries and we do something about it. We also teach the children to talk about it. There is hope, and there is help. We “dare to care” and now we are daring you.

“This is a program that is needed in every school, martial arts facility, community center, etc. If there is a place where youth are organized then this program should be part of that setting,” Koppenhofer concluded.

Below is our mission: (

The Reality

Bullying is a major epidemic in our society. All forms of bullying, such as verbal, non verbal or emotional, physical, and cyber-bullying happen every day in the United States and it causes serious lasting harm to victims leading to severe depression, violence and/or suicide. According to statistics, 19,000 bullied children attempt to commit suicide over the course of one year; on a monthly average 282,000 students are physically attacked by a bully each month; and on a daily average 160,000 children miss school because they fear being bullied. In a recent survey it showed that over 100,000 children carried guns to school as a result of being bullied.

The Dream

That all children will learn the appropriate lessons in life and will have healthy self-confidence and self-esteem, proper values, and a driven purpose motivated by a passion to become all they are capable of becoming. If this dream becomes a reality there would be no need for a child to bully another child.

The Objective

To bring a realistic and active approach to dealing with bullying behavior appropriately by educating about all aspects of bullying through a martial arts standpoint, and to get celebrities, martial arts instructors, teachers, parents, and anybody else willing to join our team to take a stand and become active in stomping the bullying.

The Purpose

To get children and adults to understand the full effects of bullying and why “bully’s” bully; to teach children how to come together and stand up against bullies – strength in numbers; to instill confidence and emotional defenses to protect victims against verbal bullying; and to empower victims with self-defense techniques and principles to protect against physical bullying.

The Plan

To conduct lectures, workshops, and seminars about bullying at schools, martial arts studios, or for any social groups such as girl scouts, boy scouts, youth groups, etc.; to get martial arts schools involved with the Guardian Angels and our concept of “Stomp the Bullying” and get the program implemented within those martial arts studios; and to petition congress to pass strict laws making bullying a criminal offense.


CKF Upcoming Seminars and Events

Since our Upcoming Seminars and Events link is not working I wanted to put them here.  If you are a CKF instructor and have a seminar that is not listed contact me right away at

DNA Seminar with Professor Sean Kelley

April 30 & May 1, 2011

Fee : $100

Location: Lantana Florida

@ Sean Kelley’s VIP Center



CKF Seminar at Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo

443 East Main Street, Bradford, Pa 16701

May 20 – 21, 2011

Instructor: Sean Kelley

Topics: Storm Techniques, Speak with the Knife, and Kickboxing

Also, open sparring

Contact Michael Miller 814-368-3725





Special VIP Rainer Schulte Birthday Bash Seminar

“Follow that Dream”  June 10 -12, 2011

Inverness, Florida

Main Instructor Sean Kelley

Others TBA

All inclusive family package $199

After April 15 $239




CKF Seminar at Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo

443 East Main Street, Bradford, Pa 16701

September 9 – 10, 2011

Instructor: Sean Kelley

Topics: TBA

Contact Michael Miller 814-368-3725




CKF Chile Seminar hosted by Maestro Roberto Vidal

November 2 – 4, 2012

Invited guests:  Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Master Rainer Schulte

Senior Professor Sean Kelley

Curtis Sliwa Speaks Out – Local Terrorism

This is an interview article CKF Black Belt Michael Miller conducted with Guardian Angels’ founder Curtis Sliwa for Inside Kung-fu magazine.  They were about to publish it when they closed their magazine down.  Since it didn’t get published there Miller wanted to share it on the CKF Web site.  It’s a great article about local terrorism and Mr. Sliwa provides some great tips on how to tackle these problems.

Taking a Stand

Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa Provides Ways to Prevent Local Terrorism

Interview by: Michael Miller


Violence is an everyday occurrence around the world.  We read it in the newspapers and see it on the news daily. Rapes, murders, kidnappings, school shootings, assaults, and bullying are among the common problems we face as citizens in our communities. Perpetrators lurk the streets, schools, and internet creating havoc and increasing the fear we have for our children’s safety.

Curtis Sliwa has made a serious impact on deterring world violence since 1979 while living in the Bronx and watching his city deteriorate through drug and gang infestations.  He knew he had to do something to clean up his streets, so he took an active approach and created the Guardian Angels—a voluntary, weapon free program to take charge by patrolling the streets and making citizens arrests to create a safer environment.

The Guardian Angels began with thirteen people and has grown immensely over the past thirty years.  Aside from constantly patrolling the streets, the Guardian Angels provide education for everyday citizens to take responsibility for their environment. In this interview Sliwa talks about some of the problems we face and what we as citizens can do as preventative measures.

INSIDE KUNG-FU: Local Terrorism such as bullying, school shootings, gang violence, harassment, assaults, and abductions seems to be happening everywhere.  Can you explain why these kinds of activities occur in our society?

CURTIS SLIWA: I think today, because the way young people are brought up, they are exposed to this at younger and younger ages. There’s less supervision at home; less supervision in the community; so, often times, when they either become a bully or they become a victim, they do so at a much, much younger age and there is no intervention.  Nobody is telling them that’s right, or no it’s wrong.  [These negative behaviors are] also promoted by the culture: the rap videos, the hip hop videos, the videos that they see even from people who are successful in the business world.  They brag about how they bullied their way to the top. Like on the ‘Apprentice’ with Donald Trump. ‘You’re fired’, ‘You’re Fired.’ So they see this from the most successful people; they see this in sports, with people talking trash on the basketball court. So it just begins to affect every aspect of their life. Bullies always seem to become number one second to none and if you give into a bully, and as a victim, you just become a human speed bump.

IKF: How can we as citizens stop people from bullying us, and how can we keep from becoming a bully?

CS: I think in terms of the role modeling effect, human beings in general have to show far more humility.  We’ll call it the agony of defeat and the exaltation of triumph.  Too often now we dance on somebody’s grave; we exalt in their pain and their suffering.  We do this on so many different levels.  We need to understand the young people are absorbing all this so we have to show some humility, we have to be humble; there’s almost none of that around.

Simply at a young age we have to do intervention when we can see that a young person clearly is being affected by outside sources or the dysfunction of the home that they’re coming from. Either so much so they become inhibited, they’ve lost self-esteem, they’re introverted, or they themselves have imitated what they’ve seen and become a bully, because it’s very empowering and very exciting. So either or we have to intervene and we have to enable them to be able to change and yet still feel some of those things that excite young people.  That’s really the trick in all of that.  You know, how do you replace the excitement of being a gang member, a thug, bullying people where they’re very empowering?  You need to find something that is going to replace that and yet help them become a protector instead of a predator.

IKF: What is cyber bullying and what does it entail?

CS: Cyber bullying is just an extension of what we have seen in the school yard; what we have seen in homes across America, in neighborhoods, in parks.   And that is where young people will end up taking advantage of other young people and now can do that anonymously from the comfort of their own room.  In front of their computer or terminal they can take on various aliases, have different e-mail addresses, and now can search the networking sites.  They can literally almost stalk you, whether it’s tweeting on twitter, whether face booking, whether posting messages on message boards and virally sending images out that might be very disturbing in terms of what they are attempting to do to another person. It’s almost like a form of psychological warfare.

Cyber Angels is able to conduct that intervention, bring it to peoples attention, outsource a solution to people who deal with the subject matter—people who deal with both the victims and the bullies of cyber stalking and cyber bullying, and try to remedy it so that it doesn’t happen again; so these same people who are either victim or predator don’t fall into the same set of circumstances that triggered their either negative or passive response to begin with.

IKF: The internet seems to be a critical tool for perpetrators and bullies.  What are some things people can do to prevent their children from being bullied or targeted by these perpetrators online?

CS: First off, the main thing is to have an open line of communication with your child.  You don’t want them to just be a good news bear.  You want them to tell you bad things—the things they see.  The whole concept, if you see it, say it. Encourage the child, because they are facing an extraordinary array of pressures, an extraordinary array of peer group pressure that basically boils down to snitches get stitches and end up in ditches.  The idea is that you don’t rat anyone out.  In fact if you’re a victim, they have so perverted it, if you are a victim of bullying whether it be cyber bullying or regular old fashioned bullying maybe you deserved it because you were a punk, you were soft, you were weak.  So instead of people attempted to escape that, figuring out a way out of it, their believing that they are weak anyway and it’s survival of the fittest.

Naturally online it’s even more difficult, because a lot of parents and grandparents and adults are a dollar short and a day late when it comes to their computer skills and the kids can basically bounce rings around them when it comes to operating on the internet, or even operating on social networking sites or texting, or using any of these wireless technology that’s available.  And that’s the problem; parents, grandparents, young adults, they know about old fashioned bullying, but it’s very difficult for them to get a grip on cyber bullying and that usually impacts on children, girls, women, you know those who are most vulnerable.

IKF: Perpetrators lurk in schools, neighborhoods, streets, subways and the internet.  What can be done to identify these kinds of people and how can we as citizens take a stand?

CS: First off they have to be outed.  They cannot be allowed to remain anonymous.  They cannot be allowed to be able to operate in the shadows.  In fact, many of these bullies, those who become leaders of groups who commit these kinds of violations against humans, whether it’s cyberspace or in the normal realm of streets or neighborhoods, they do so and they get a vicarious thrill about organizing others to go out and do the deed.  They need to be outed.  Obviously, we need to put peer pressure on them and make it completely uncool to do it.  And then because some of them love to be a rebel without a cause and they love to be bad, because bad in their mind, according to the sub culture is good, then there has to be commiserate penalties.

If you’re found guilty of committing these violations you either have to face incarceration, or you’re gonna have to face spending some juvie time, or your gonna have to face some serious consequences that require you to go to counseling and then to reciprocate back to the victims or to the community by doing massive amounts of community service.  So we gotta make their lives miserable.  Right now it’s not.

IKF: It seems that the martial arts have played a key role in Guardian Angels training.  Can you explain your thoughts about the martial arts and the involvement they have had with the Guardian Angels?

CS: The martial arts has been a key when taken from it’s old school ways, which is the influence that I had from watching the seven samurai, which eventually was made into the magnificent seven, an American western that was based on the seven samurai:  Those who could defend themselves, but then offer their services to the defenseless—those who could not defend themselves.  The idea was that if you had these skills, if you were adept in martial arts and self-defense that you would use those skills not just in defense of yourself, but in defense of community and everyone else and not necessarily ask for anything in return; a form of selfless service.

Unfortunately, martial arts in the United States has gotten away from that old concept because in America everything epitomizes the individual—I and me.  They don’t think teamwork—us and we.  I have taken the concept initially that others had carried on, by applying the martial arts to group self-defense; protecting those who cannot defend themselves: the elderly, the women, the children.

Taking it to a whole different level, I would say that was the initial roots; whereas in America martial arts has become for the most part very much I and me.  You’re in the ring.  You’re testing your skill against an opponents’ skill.   And although there’s team competition and you might be part of a dojo or you might be a part of a participatory exercise that involves group techniques, it’s really all about you—all about the individual.  I try to stay away from that.

IKF: What kind of martial arts training do you have Guardian Angels go through?

CS: Because we have groups now in 14 countries and 140 cities, we first find who might be available locally in that community to conduct the training.  We have a set training program that involves the fine things that men, women and young adults have to be able to learn.  Let’s say in the case of Sean Kelley.  Here it is Kenpo.  This is his skill.  He moves to Florida from Pennsylvania.  He’s establishing his credentials in the martial arts world there, but he’s also living in a community that’s experiencing increasing crime.  He comes in voluntarily to offer his service, to volunteer and patrol, but he has the accreditation in Kenpo to actually teach others and after looking at the program and figuring out what in Kenpo we could use to help train the local group.

We allow the martial arts instructor to utilize their own form of martial art, those techniques that might actually be applicable to our training program which is pretty extensive.  It’s got two hundred and thirty six pages.  A lot of it deals with physical self-defense and conditioning and group defense.  But then there are other things like citizens arrest procedures, CPR and first aid, and role playing and simulation.

There are Sean Kelley’s all over the world.  Some of them are accredited in Kung-fu, some are accredited in Jiu-Jitsu, and some have been fighters, boxing and wrestling.  There is no one particular martial art or type of self-defense that is preferred.  What we say is, whatever your proficient in, whatever you are accredited in, as long as you can apply what you know of your particular form of self-defense to the training manual and you’re willing to give the time and supervise the training and be a role model and example, we say go for it.

IKF: The Guardian Angels believe in Inter-activism.  Could you explain this concept?

CS: We’re like an open book.  You want to see what we do, how we do it, feel free to do it at any point.  We don’t prevent people from understanding what we do and how we do it.  We encourage people to get involved and that’s where the interaction takes place.  We don’t care who you are: black, white, Hispanic, Asian, male, female.  Everyone is going to be treated equally.  Clearly we’ll give some people opportunities to participate because they have had problems in the past maybe with drugs or alcohol, or they’ve committed a crime or have been dysfunctional.

We give them an opportunity to rectify all that by becoming a guardian angel member, which is unique because there are a lot of groups who won’t do that.  We want to have partnerships with existing organizations whether it’s a boys club, girls club, social service organization, martial arts academy, we want to have as many partnerships in what communities we have a presence in as possible because we understand we don’t have the answer.  We are just one option in a wardrobe of options that people can have access to if they decide they have had enough and they are going to get involved and they want to fight back and they want to do it within the parameters of the law.

IKF: How can people get involved with the Guardian Angels?

CS: The first thing is they have to go to the website to see if there is an existing chapter in their area around the world in the fourteen countries, one hundred and forty cities.  And if there isn’t then obviously e-mail us about the possibility to begin an effort in establishing the guardian angel move.  Those groups range from areas as diverse as Mexico City (population 20 million) to little rural subjects in Western New Jersey (population 4,000) with no police department. It has nothing at all to do with the size of the community whether it’s a urban area, suburban or rural area, whether it’s in the United States or anywhere in the world.  It’s all about whether there is one person who is going to make the difference.  That’s all we need to start—one man or one woman.  If they’re willing to motivate themselves, do the heavy lifting, carry the efforts forward we will give the tactical air support for that.

IKF: It seems that many people complain about violence, but never want to take an active approach to deter it from happening.  What do you say to these people?

CS: Well they’re paralyzed in fear, apathy and indifference.  They don’t think that their participation in anything is gonna make any difference.  They become very jaded, very skeptical, and I understand.  They are also paralyzed because we live in a society where everyone is afraid of getting sued and losing every nickel, dime and penny.

In thirty one years we have done tens of thousands of physical interventions to break up fights and disputes to send people on their own way and it doesn’t necessitate getting the cops involved.  There’s been thousands of citizens’ arrests where we do get the cops involved because we have to physically detain a suspect and turn him over to law enforcement. And in all those years we’ve never once been sued.  In reality use the skills that you’ve been trained with and stop worrying about litigation or sued or losing every nickel, dime and penny you have, because that’s the kind of paralysis that keeps people from getting involved and making a difference.

About the author:

Michael Miller is a free-lance writer and full time martial arts instructor running his school, Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo, in Bradford, Pa.  He holds a 4th degree black belt in American Kenpo under Sean P. Kelley.  He can be reached through his Web site at

"Welcome Amongst Friends" Germany Seminar a Success

CKF Vice President and Kenpo legend Rainer Schulte and his wife Brigitte went to Germany so that Rainer could conduct an American Kenpo Seminar, which took place on December 18, 2010. It was a total success with 49 people in attendance to support Kenpo Team Willich.

The seminar lasted four hours total followed by dinner and a few drinks. Several awesome people attended including Peter Ritters, the first Kenpoist in Germany back in 1972 and the last of the original group to receive his black belt (2008 at Mike Friedman’s CKF Summer Camp).

Also attending was Rainer’s first black belt in Germany, Christian Springer, who flew out on his own dime to support his teacher and friends.  Marcel DeJong from Holland and some of his students made the trip as well as Christian Junge from Saarbruecken, Germany, who made it through horrific snow and ice traveling four hours to make the seminar on time.  Rainer explained that it was a great pleasure greeting Florian Hahn who has supported Kenpo in Germany since 1973.  He’s a true loyal Kenpoist who attended most of Rainer’s demos and tournaments held in Germany.

It was a great weekend with awesome camaraderie between Kenpo brothers and sisters.  You can look forward to seeing and possibly attending a Kenpo seminar in Casablanca in the spring of 2011 as a guest from Marocco has promised to sponsor a seminar.  To stay updated on the CKF visit You can visit the CKF European site at