CKF’s TCB Team

Those who become a part of the Chinese Karate Federation will learn the Ed Parker American Kenpo System under these CKF qualified Instructors:

Sean P. Kelley (President)

Rainer Schulte (Vice President)

Kevin Kuliga (East Coast Regional Representative)

Bill Larson (Pennsylvania State Representative)

Mike Friedman (Florida State Representative)

Jeff Blay (New York State Representative)

Roberto Vidal (South American Representative)

Christian Springer (European Representative)

Peter Ritters (German Representative)

Michael Miller (Public Relations Administrator)

Also on our Team:

Angela Smith (Administrative Coordinator)

Brigitte Schulte (Administrative Coordinator)

The Chinese Karate Federation is a professional organization that perpetuates the art of Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker’s American Kenpo.  We actively seek to grow and learn from everybody in our path and are a “hands on” training organization.  Our lineage goes directly through Sean P. Kelley and is overseen by Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick (Senior Teaching Black Belt and founder of the UKF).