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Dear Members:

I apologize for such a delay in updating our site. We have been very busy with many upcoming affairs. This past summer I launched an anti-bullying program with Michael Miller, Buddy Morrison, and Mike Friedman called “Stomp the Bullying.” This has turned out to be a major campaign and Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels, allowed us to bring this program under the banner of the Guardian Angels.

After numerous e-mails, phone calls and personal experiences, I found the need to step up and do something about bullying and address it head on as it is a major crisis globally. I knew we already had a foundation for a great program by using the reputation of the Guardian Angels as well as the martial arts community. Since the education through martial arts would empower victims with self-confidence, self-esteem, and proper skills in making the right decision by using alternative choices, I knew this would be a success.

Through the Guardian Angels we decided to incorporate a program where candidates would be schooled through a 3 month program and then graduate as Junior Angels and volunteer through self-sacrifice in their own communities and offer community service by demonstrating leadership through civic duties.

 That is just one of our current projects going on, and we are proud to announce that we just held our first graduation of the “Stomp the Bullying” program, and it occurred on Friday, September 16, 2011 at Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo in Bradford, Pa. Owner Michael Miller was the first to implement this program and graduated 12 students who became Junior Angels under his guidance. Miller designed the manual that will be used by all people who implement this awesome program. The program proves that children can make a difference in our efforts to “Stomp the Bullying” and can create a support system by banning together and talking about the problem as well as networking with us by holding venues for us to attend. Visit for more info.

The other current projects we are involved with are the upcoming books soon to be released by our CKF Public Relations Administrator Mr. Michael Miller. Mr. Miller started a book series of biographies titled Legends of Kenpo, with the first legend being Rainer Schulte. I have been chosen to be the second in this series to tell my story about my journey through Kenpo. Mr. Miller has been working diligently on this project and plans to have the book released at the 2013 February Camp.

He is also working on a bullying book as well as a book of all his articles – those he had published in Inside Kung-fu and Black Belt magazines – as well as brand new articles never read. Along with his book projects he has been editing the new CKF Instructors Manual. If Mike Miller is the man behind the pencil I can only say this: you will not be disappointed in the final product. Enjoy the outcome of what he researches and creates in the interest of those who enjoy a good read.

We have also been working on adding advanced training into the CKF, for those who seek it, in both empty hand and weapons. CKF member Buddy Morrison is a firearms instructor with advanced certifications under Paul Castle in the Center Axis Relock (CAR) System and is now offering a defensive tactics program for our organization through Morrison Tactical. We will soon have more details about this and how you can get involved with this type of training. Satellite locations will be listed on our web site as well as those under the direction of Buddy Morrison who are certified to instruct.

As you know, November is the month for CKF membership renewals so I ask everyone to get prepared to send in your list of current student names and updated applications by November 30, 2011, as well as your school/club fee and black belt fee. Please be prompt.

The 2012 Florida Kenpo Camp is being set for the weekend of February 11 – 12 and we are making this a VIP invite only with the first 20 people pre-registered by January 14, 2012. After years of hard work, and numerous instructors, I’ve decided to make the camp more private with myself and Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick being the instructors. We are interested in grooming those who are like minded and want to train and teach the system. We will no longer have an open door policy; therefore, only current CKF members are invited as well as anybody associated with our growing alliance

The theme of this year’s camp with be academic phase vs. combative phase. We will be focused on learning the principles of the art through the science of “Ideal” to “Real Deal” by using the warrior mindset to the mode of “Attack the Attack” for the ability to create a module for advanced training.

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