It’s a New Year – TCB

We are excited for 2012 and looking forward to many great things this year.  We kick the year off with our annual Florida camp which is being held Friday, February 10 – Sunday, February 12.  The theme of the camp is Kenpo Academics vs. Kenpo Combatives – stages of engagement.  This is a camp you are not going to want to miss as Senior Teaching Black Belt Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick takes the drivers seat once again, along with Senior Professor Sean P. Kelley.  Aside from these great instructors, we have three of our black belts taking the stage to each teach a class:  Mike Miller, Mike Friedman, and Bill Larson.  You are in for a weekend of knowledge, skill, and camaraderie.  We also have special guests Rainer Schulte and Master Jorn Brandt who will be making his first appearance at the camp.    

 Aside from the camp, Mr. Kelley will be holding a 50th birthday seminar on Saturday, May 12 at Sean Kelley’s VIP Training Center, with special guest Tom Bleecker attending to conduct a book signing for his upcoming book The International Journey.  Bleecker will also be attending Mr. Kelley’s seminar in September at Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo in Bradford, Pa where Bleecker will be a special guest instructor teaching two adult classes and will also conduct a book signing. 

 Also in May Mr. Kelley along with student Mike Miller will be attending the annual East Coast Guardian Angels gathering in Easton, Pa, where they will be conducting a presentation for the “Stomp the Bullying” program and will be teaching a seminar on weapon disarms.

 Miller has a few book projects in the works this year as well, starting with the second Legends of Kenpo biographies.  The first one Rainer Schulte was published in February 2009 and the second one Sean P. Kelley is set for February 2013.  Aside from that project Miller is working on a book titled Stomp the Bullying as well as a martial arts book of articles Miller has written over the years. 

 If you are getting Mr. Kelley into your studio for a seminar this year, be sure to work out the details with him and e-mail Miller at to let him know of the dates so that he can mark you in.

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