Membership Information

Membership in the Chinese Karate Federation provides numerous benefits for both schools and individual students.

TOP LEVEL KENPO TRAINING — The CKF is dedicated to providing training with many of the foremost Parker Kenpo instructors in the country. Many of the Black Belts invited to teach at CKF Seminars have been recognized for their excellence in the book THE JOURNEY, including Dave Hebler, Michael Robert Pick, Frank Trejo, Lee Wedlake, Rainer Schulte, and Sean Kelley.

CROSS TRAINING IN OTHER DISCIPLINES — Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker was a firm believer in expanding one’s Kenpo arts knowledge by exploring other martial arts disciplines. In this tradition, the CKF offers training at regular seminars with some of the country’s most outstanding martial artists of our time including Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Steve Shepherd, Bart Vale, Larry Lam, Al McLuckie and more.

NETWORKING— CKF Seminars offer a venue for school owners to network with guest instructors as well as other CKF schools. At least once yearly, the CKF holds a Summit seminar which in addition to providing training also offers a formal venue for discussion of CKF school needs, requests and direction.

BELT CERTIFICATION — A testing board of ranking CKF officials are available for belt testing at a set fee per number of board members. Instructors and Students who test before the board will receive a certificate signed by all board members certifying their rank.

RETAIL DISCOUNTS — CKF schools are eligible for discounts with select retailers including Pro Karate Supply, Century, The Bold Look and more. Contact Professor Kelley for information at (561) 373-5617.


  • A Custom Charter School Certificate
  • Membership Cards
  • An Official CKF Patch
  • A Free School listing on the CKF Website
  • Free Listing of CKF related events held at your school
  • Listing of all CKF Student Members in Your School
  • The Right to Use the CKF Logo in School Advertising


  • CKF Business Cards
  • CKF Trifold Brochures
  • CKF Patches for Students
  • CKF T-Shirts
  • CKF Curriculum Manuals

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