Stomp the Bullying co-founders play a role in new book – Predator Proof Your Child

Stomp the Bullying co-founders Sean Kelley and Michael Miller played a major role in the new book Predator Proof Your Child written by experienced Florida based author Cynthia MacGregor who has written over 100 books. The book teaches parents all they need to know to protect their children from the predators that lurk in the world. It provides much-needed information and guidelines to help keep your children safe. It exploresthe faces of today’s predators and their strategies. It also includes online safety, basic self-defense, and how to talk withyour child frankly about the real dangers that exist. Predator Proof Your Child: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Kids is an essential guide for any parent who wants to understand current dangers and how to educate, warn, and protect her child.

Miller was interviewed for the book in which he provided valuable information about predator prevention, how predators groom their victims, personal boundaries, the warning signs of a predator, as well as realistic self-defense strategies and tactics to deter a predator from following through, giving potential victims the few seconds they need to escape. Miller was quoted in the book on a few occasions with the important information he provided.

Kelley, along with his daughter Tori and black belt student Jeff Benko, are pictured in the book teaching basic self-defense techniques that children could easily learn and execute. Kelley is an internationally sought out self-defense expert who holds a 7th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate and has been a part of the Guardian Angels for over 25 years. Miller is a student of Kelley’s and holds a 5th degree
black belt in American Kenpo Karate.

Kelley and Miller co-founded the “Stomp the Bullying” program two years ago, which is a free 90 day program offered through credible martial arts schools for children ages 7-15 where they learn the value of community service, how to be a good citizen, leadership training, self-defense, and bully education as well as bully prevention and how to deal with bullying behavior. It includes an in-depth manual that covers everything taught in the program including: how not to be a bully, what bullying really entails, the warning signs of both a bully and someone being bullied, the risk factors, how not to be a target of a bully, common myths about bullying, statistics, the three T-Steps to verbal harassment, the rules of engagement in dealing with bullies and what you can do as citizens to “Stomp the Bullying.” Aside from that, self-defense movements, strategies and tactics are also taught in the program, as well as awareness skills, verbal Judo, and physical restraint moves to control and negotiate.

Once a child graduates the program he/she will become a Junior Angel and will a part of community service projects. The “Stomp the Bullying” program is offered through the Guardian Angels through certified “Stomp the Bullying” martial arts schools. The program has been endorsed by actors Martin Kove (Sensei John Kreese in the Karate Kid Series) and Sean Kanan (Karate’s Bad Boy Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III), as well as actor and martial arts icon Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Alcee Hastings of the House of Representatives.



If you would like to order Predator Proof Your Child, click the link below.  It’s available only on Kindle at this point.



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