"Welcome Amongst Friends" Germany Seminar a Success

CKF Vice President and Kenpo legend Rainer Schulte and his wife Brigitte went to Germany so that Rainer could conduct an American Kenpo Seminar, which took place on December 18, 2010. It was a total success with 49 people in attendance to support Kenpo Team Willich.

The seminar lasted four hours total followed by dinner and a few drinks. Several awesome people attended including Peter Ritters, the first Kenpoist in Germany back in 1972 and the last of the original group to receive his black belt (2008 at Mike Friedman’s CKF Summer Camp).

Also attending was Rainer’s first black belt in Germany, Christian Springer, who flew out on his own dime to support his teacher and friends.  Marcel DeJong from Holland and some of his students made the trip as well as Christian Junge from Saarbruecken, Germany, who made it through horrific snow and ice traveling four hours to make the seminar on time.  Rainer explained that it was a great pleasure greeting Florian Hahn who has supported Kenpo in Germany since 1973.  He’s a true loyal Kenpoist who attended most of Rainer’s demos and tournaments held in Germany.

It was a great weekend with awesome camaraderie between Kenpo brothers and sisters.  You can look forward to seeing and possibly attending a Kenpo seminar in Casablanca in the spring of 2011 as a guest from Marocco has promised to sponsor a seminar.  To stay updated on the CKF visit www.chinesekaratefederation.com. You can visit the CKF European site at www.kenpo.de.

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