When calling a martial art school, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “HOW MUCH DOES MARTIAL ARTS COURSES COST?” The cost of a venture is an essential factor to consider when considering it. It is important to remember that martial arts training does not just have to be a commodity. The price of […]

What does a Karate uniform look like?

We assume that the Karate Gi is also known as a Gi for those who have not practiced Karate. This would be wrong, as the Karate Gi is referred to differently than the Judo/BJJ Gi. Each piece of Karate Gi has its name. Let’s dive in and find out what a Karate Uniform is. We […]

What is the average time to get a black belt in Karate?

I was intrigued to see how long it took to earn a black belt in Karate. Here’s what I discovered after doing some research. How long does it take for a blackbelt to become a blackbelt in Karate? It could take 3 and 1/2 years. This would require you to train every day. Most people […]